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A line of never seen before products that make life easier for pet lovers all over the world.


High quality products made to last. With special features that make them unique and easy to use by the whole family.

All memopet series products are completely Made in Italy and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.
Our polyester ensures a soft touch on the dog’s fur.

A collar that is colorful, stylish and includes useful accessories such as a dedicated Tag Holder so an ID tag hangs straight and stays visiable, as well as the Always Ready D-Ring that allows you to attach a leash to the collar with just one hand.
Attention is given to every detail in order to provide safety and comfort. An angled chest strap that allows a dog to move its shoulders freely, PELOSTOP padding that prevents fur from nesting in the support and reflective trim that makes a pet visible even in the dark.
memopet leashes are a practical and functional solution for those looking for a durable, lightweight and innovative product. By downloading the memopet app and registering the leash, you can monitor activities done together with your four-legged friend by simply approaching it with a smartphone.
Made in Italy
Made in

All the Italian spirit that distinguishes us is also found in this collection, with every detail a result of in-depth study and research.

We design and produce every single item making memopet products unique and exclusive.


Perfect for every day use. Each memopet part is designed to last, with reinforced seams, durable plastic and metal hardware, that ensure long term wearability.


To each thier own, choose the perfect one for your PET among the 8 colors available and dress with style.


Why choose just any collar when you can have memopet?

In addition to being fashionable, useful and durable, memopet products are also technological. By connecting the collar, harness and leash to the memopet app you can take them to a higher level.

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The entire memopet line is full of details, details that make the difference.


The D-Ring, thanks to the patented technology that makes it “Always Ready“, returns to a position that allows for easy leash attachment.

Tag holder

The comfortable Tag Holder facilitates the attachment of an ID tag to the collar.


Most harnesses trap a dog’s fur, which is why we created the PELOSTOP system.

A system that makes the inside of the harnesses that repells fur while being very soft and comfortable.


I nostri accessori non sono dotati di antenna GPS per la localizzazione, non necessitano di batterie, sono resistenti all’acqua e non emettono onde elettromagnetiche.


NFC è una tecnologia per la comunicazione a corto raggio che trova la sua applicazione in un gran numero di attività e app ed è contenuta in tutti gli smartphone di ultima generazione.


PELOSTOP è il tessuto tecnico studiato e progettato da MyFamily per evitare l’attaccamento del pelo alla pettorina