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When you open the app for the first time, the page you see is the login page. Click on “Create a memopet account” and enter the required information.
If the problem persists, close the application (making sure you don’t leave it running on background) and try again.
If you think you already have a memopet account but you can’t remember your credentials, try entering your email address and then click on “Forgot your password?”.
REMEMBER: keep the app up to date with the latest version available.

Close the app making sure you haven’t left it running in the background and try logging in again. If you don’t remember your password, click on “Forgot your password?”. If you have set up a PIN and don’t remember the code, click on “Forgot your PIN?”.

REMEMBER: your previous PIN and Face ID will be deleted. You will be able to set them up again in the following steps.

Visit the Video section and watch “How to pair a product”.
Or follow these steps:
· Keep your memopet accessory close by (collar, leash or harness. If you have an ID tag, visit the “Do you have an ID tag?” section).
· Make sure your smartphone is NFC-enabled:
iOS: Compatible models starting from iPhone 7 – Android: Check for its presence by searching for “NFC” in the settings and, if necessary, activate it. If you can’t find it, the device may not be compatible, but you can still use the app. REMEMBER: the app is completely free.
· If you have set the text size to “large”, reduce it to make sure you see all the buttons on the screen.
· Remove any cover or other cases from your smartphone.
· When you open the app, you will be on your pet’s profile. If you have more than one, go to the profile of the pet you want to associate with the memopet accessory (Settings – My pets).
· Click on “Add Accessory” in the Home section.
· Select the accessory you are pairing.
· Scan the accessory: if you have a Hustag Plus ID tag, scan the QR code, if you have a collar or a leash, scan via NFC: place the back of your smartphone on the memopet product logo placed on the buckle. Try different angles: at the camera height, towards the center of the phone, or by making circular movements, the right angle changes depending on the model of your smartphone.
REMEMBER: remove the phone cover, if you have one.
· Select the color of the accessory.
· Confirm the pairing.
· Wait 1 hour for the pairing to be confirmed.
· After 1 hour, go back to the app (if you have notifications enabled, one will appear when the product is ready). In the Home section, click on “Accessory activation”. Repeat the pairing process to confirm the pairing.
If the problem persists even after following all of the steps above, try using a friend’s smartphone and logging in with your credentials. After pairing the products, your friend can then uninstall the app and you should be able to see the memopet accessories in your profile.

The only MyFamily tag that can be paired with the memopet application is Hushtag Plus. After clicking on “Add Accessory”, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the front of the tag, and then you can enter all your data. In any case, we recommend always engraving important information on the back of the tag.

All other MyFamily tags other than Hushtag Plus are not memopet® accessories, so they are not included in the list of products to be paired with the app. REMEMBER: the app is completely free, so you can always enjoy all its features.

The MyFamily tag is a meticulously crafted accessory that will amaze you with its durability and charming design. Like every MyFamily product, it comes with a 2-year warranty and will become an essential companion for your pet’s life. Remember to engrave the most important information of your pet on it to make your walks safer.

The memopet app allows you to have your pet’s health and personal information always at your fingertips. You can enter information such as: microchip number, passport number, allergies, medicines and medical records. With the latest version of the app, you can also add files from your phone’s archive directly to the “Documents” section (if you delete a file from your phone’s archive, it will still remain on the app).
There is also an agenda to remind you about deadlines, vaccinations, allergies, feeding and much more. Finally, you can track the walks you do together, with a statistical report to take a look at how much time you spent outside.
Set your goals and memopet will follow your progresses!
The memopet line accessories are collars, leashes and harnesses. If paired with the app, they can become real medical diaries.
Bring your smartphone close to the memopet logo on the memopet accessory’s buckle et voilà!
Thanks to NFC technology, you can consult the information or start an activity even without opening the app.
With NFC, by bringing your smartphone close to the collar or harness, you can view the information you have saved. Meanwhile, by bringing it closer to the leash, you can start timing your walks.
Use it with family, friends, or even the vet.
Sometimes it happens that you have to leave your pet with a friend and with the memopet accessories, all his documents, food habits, appointments, etc. will always be with him. REMEMBER: make the data you want to show visible in the “Data visibility” section.
For your friends, the data will also be accessible without the app. For all of you, thanks to the NFC chip, it will be enough to bring your phone close to the memopet logo on the accessory to have your four-legged friend’s data at your fingertips. They can only view it, while only you can modify the data in the app!
REMEMBER: you can also use the app without memopet accessories. You can enter and consult information and appointments and you can start an activity directly in the dedicated sections.
The NFC chip is not necessary to use the app. It is necessary if you want to access the information by bringing your phone close to the logo on the accessory or if your friends want to consult the data you have entered. With memopet, everything is smarter!
REMEMBER: you have a two-year warranty on your memopet accessories and on each MyFamily product.

No, memopet accessories do not come with GPS, therefore, they cannot track your pet’s location in real-time.

Therefore, what is the “Location” function of the app for?
If your dog were to get lost while wearing a memopet® accessory, the passerby who finds it can scan the QR code of the tag (in the case of Hushtag Plus) or have their smartphone interact with the NFC chip of the memopet® collar, harness, or leash.
At that point, they will see a screen with your dog’s data, and at the top, they will find the “SEND LOCATION” button.
Once the button is clicked, you (as the owner of the dog and the account) will receive a notification on the app that will redirect you to Google Maps, showing the location just shared by the other user.
IMPORTANT: if you insert your phone number, and flag it as visibile in the “Data visibility” section in the settings of the app, the passerby will be able to call you! If your phone number remains invisible, nobody can contact you.

The “Location” function operates through the sharing of the finder’s phone location.
The function of the memopet® product is to conveniently open the browser version of the app with the pet’s data.
Despite having this tool available, remember to have your pet wear a tag, as it is a faster method to reunite.

If you still need help, write to social@myfamily.it describing the problem in detail, indicating the model of your smartphone, your memopet accessories, if you have them, and attaching screenshots. Our staff will be ready to assist you!

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I nostri accessori non sono dotati di antenna GPS per la localizzazione, non necessitano di batterie, sono resistenti all’acqua e non emettono onde elettromagnetiche.


NFC è una tecnologia per la comunicazione a corto raggio che trova la sua applicazione in un gran numero di attività e app ed è contenuta in tutti gli smartphone di ultima generazione.


PELOSTOP è il tessuto tecnico studiato e progettato da MyFamily per evitare l’attaccamento del pelo alla pettorina